Welcome to my personal site set up in the purpose to render public some of my recent research results.

Phys21 is meant to become on long term a research project that investigates in a collaborative manner basic building blocks of all matter, fields and vacuum. For now, I gradually share with you my boundle of ideas – the Matter-Antimatter hypothesys – where I explain how we can re-build our Universe from a much deeper level, taking into account latest scientific results.

While the primary audience is expected to be physicists, efforts are made to expose the subjects in such a way as to remain understandable to everyone.

This site contains a Blog, where new content is advertised as soon as it appears. Above, the menu points to pages that treat some important subjects in details. RSS feed and Newsletter are under construction. Later this year there will be some deeper information available in our members area.

Be aware of the fact, that when we explore the border regions of multiple branches of sciences, some scientific terms have other meaning for one of the scientists than another one working in different area. Also, it goes by itself that when we propose extension to the standard knowledge, some of the ideas may fall under the category of speculation.

Enjoy exploring new ideas and share with your friends if you find them worth of interest.

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